Essex Language Games Club

The Essex Language Games Club 4 All is an informal lunch club for staff and students of the University of Essex and guests who are interested in the world of language and games. During the dsc00472.jpgteaching terms of the University, we meet every week in the Social Space of the Department of Language and Linguistics of the University of Essex to develop, discuss, or play language games and support charities related to language games. We are linguists, but also have language teachers with strong linguistic interests on board, e.g. our Essex colleague Emma Hopper, who teaches German. To find out more about our meetings, you can follow us on Twitter (@LanguageGames4a), and we will publish a schedule of meetings on our blog. See e.g. here for the Autumn term 2015. If you are not a staff member or student at the University of Essex and would like to join us occasionally or regularly, just send me an email (

We are looking forward to seeing you in our meetings!

Sonja Eisenbeiss



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